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Sizing Machine-160cm

Date:  20-04-2021


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Sizing machineUsageSuitable for fabric preparation sizing and stentering process before digital printing, especially for small batch fabrics such as silk, cotton and polyester blended,Main technical specificationSizing mode : single face sizing.Machine width: 1600mm, can be customized.Machine speed: 0.1~4m/min, can be speed up in terms of drying units.Drying mode: infrared radiating pipe(7 sets)Heating power: 37.8kwInstalled motor power: 0.84kwMain description:Comprises of ?manually 4pcs weft straighter rollers device, squeezing padder for sizing, stentering device, infrared heating pipe, batcher and machine base.Padder and stentering device are driven by one motor controlled by inverter, easily for speed adjustment and make synchronizing between padder and stentering device.Batcher is driven by one separate AC motor, the batcher start and stop via limit switch controlled by No.1 PLC. Achieve automatically action.Selvage detecting device is made up of photo-electronic switch, swaying arm maximum limit switch and security limit switch as well as AC linear motor. Detected selvage signal transmitted to No.2 PLC , and then output one interval pulse voltage signal to drive AC linear motor move left and right, finally achieve auto selvage detection.?Infrared heating system carry out infrared heated via electricity, the system has 21pcs infrared pipe in two groups. Each group can be controlled optional.?