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Jeep Ceramic Brake Pads

Date:  03-03-2021


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Width : 146 mm
Height :50.6mm
Thickness : 19.2mm

Friction material: Ceramic


Ceramic Brake Pads Introduction:

Our ceramic brake pads is made from ceramic fiber,mineral fiber,aramid fiber etc,the color is

lighter than other brake pads,the value is higher,it it much clearner,quieter and with good friciton performance.

☆Stable friction coefficient

Friction coefficient is the basic parameter of friction material,eligible brake pad with stable friction coefficient,if it is too high,then it will lead the wheel lock,if it is too low,then the brake distance will be longer.

☆Low heat fade

The high temperature will happen when braking,especially when in high speed and braking urgently.

The friction coefficient will be decrease in high temperature,it is called heat fade.Low heat fade means it is much safer.

☆More comfortable when braking

Comfortable means the feeling is good when braking,no noise,dust,smoking,peculiar smell etc.

☆Reasonable service life

40K-60K kilometers for our ceramic brake pads in plain.