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Full Automatic Embossing Facial Paper Machines

Date:  02-03-2021


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Full Servo High Speed Facial Tissue Machine cut the jumbo roll paper slitting by knife roll,then Interaction fold into a rectangle or square tissue.

This machine adopts servo motor individual drive, Automatic sipped, electrostatic process, safe door system, Automatic stop system when raw material broken,automatic tension control, raw material rectify a deviation by power-driven, Automatic folding counting function.

The machine speed fast, neatly folded, easy and simple to operate.

1.Each unit servo drive for independence, can adapt to different base paper adjustable rate

2.Main machine is Wall type frame, machine fast running stability.

3.Paper frame adopts pneumatic feeding paper, stepless adjust speed ratio, automatically adjust paper tension.

4.The roots vacuum pump absorption system, inspiratory capacity, stable operation;

5.Insertion point counting, simple and practical

6.Steel to steel edge embossing unit,to ensure the double ply tissue non separation;

7.Automatic stop system when raw material broken,avoid making waste because of raw materials finish or broken;

8.There are inching switch in the machine front and back to the pull the raw materials,easy operation, more safe.