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Full Automatic Facial Tissue Machines

Date:  02-03-2021


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Main Features and Function

1. This face tissue embossing Machine is designed to produce hand towel/ facial tissue with high speed, nice folding and easy operation.

2. Counting automatically and output in order.

3. Jumbo roll stands: 2 ,with pneumatic type wide belt to convey paper,each jumbo roll has independent tension adjustor and left-right adjusting device.

4.Pneumatic lifting jumbo roll to reduce the labor strength.

5.Auto stop when paper breaks to decrease the waste of paper

6.Can fold different width of finished products : flexible vertical cutting device can adjust the cutting width between 100-210mm freely.

7.Can equip with embossing unit and edge embossing unit.

8.Roots vacuum bump absorbing system with strong suction,negative pressure is stable.

9. Adopting screw turning knife to cut and vacuum absorption to fold.

10. Adopting stepless adjusting speed to roll and fix different tension of raw paper.

11. Electrical pneumatic control, easy operation.

12. Wide range of production width for selection.

13.Production Flow Chart : unwinding jumbo roll --embossing unit ---(Lamination unit )folding unit ----slitting (cutting) ---counting ---output.